H O M E                                             C O N T A C T S                                             P R O D U C T S


SELVADEK is a project born of necessity and subsequently developed with great care and enthusiasm by our Research and Development team in collaboration with professionals in the field of mountain rescue and winter sports activities who dedicated their expertise and life experience to tests and improvements.

FREEDOM are extremely light and functional inflatable snowshoes designed to be always with you, when needed. This innovative product empowers you to bring mobility and safety in your pocket in various emergency situations.

FREEDOM inflatable snowshoes have significant advantages over conventional ones. They are much lighter and compact, ensure full contact with the terrain and, due to the ergonomic inflatable frame, they are much more flexible and floatable.



FREEDOM guarantees a comfortable and safe experience even in the most demanding environment. The Foot Positioning System (FPS) for adjusting the shoe level and the degree of foot inclination ensures precise control and stability while hiking both uphill and downhill. The suspension system makes hiking possible with a fixed, free or lifted heel. The elliptical inflatable shell allows direct contact of the shoes with the terrain, provides maximum stability and reduces the risk of injuries.

FREEDOM provides great floatability and even weight distribution. The specific tubular section of the frame reduces the pressure and the incision in the snow. The traverse system consists of an open ellipse at the back which allows the inflatable frame to adapt to the slope for easier shoe traction uphill, excellent grip downhill and lateral control by punching the shoe in the field. The flexible frame follows the shape of the terrain, providing superb stability and complete safety in order to avoid sudden sliding